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Africa's vast potential in the global emerging market can no longer be ignored. With more than 13 percent of the World's population, the 54 nations of Africa have a rapidly growing market of over 1.216 Billion consumers offering enormous commercial potential for world business owners. The continent also offers investors enormous untapped raw materials and natural resources.

Company Formation

Do you want to register your new company in or associate with a registered company in Africa? If yes! We are in the right position to help you.

Company Verification

We offer you company verification in Africa, this service is very important for you if you want to buy or sell in Africa.

Products Sourcing

Are you looking for the right seller exporter in Africa for your wanted products? We the African Agency provide you the best seller from Africa.

AFRICAN AGENCY the trading and consulting company in Africa, established in Benin Republic by Mr. Balogun Hammed Ademola. His plan is to facilitate the buying and selling of  various African commodities and create good business environments for foreign companies that want to start business in Africa.
We source and export various agro allied commodities like raw cashew nuts, soybeans seed, sesame seeds, shea butter, shea nuts, garri ( cassava flakes), crude palm oil, palm nuts, maize, raw cassava, dry ginger, hardwood charcoal, cotton seeds, cotton fiber, timbers, raw plantain and many more other products. Read More


We’re a company of dreamers, doers, believers and innovators. We hail from points across the globe and bring with us original viewpoints and uncommon talents. But for everything that makes us unique as individuals, we have a lot in common too. And the biggest of these is passion.
Balogun Hammed Ademola

Balogun Hammed Ademola

Chairman & CEO

"I established AFRICAN AGENCY with the objective of supplying the best quality of African Products to the world and create smooth business environments for any foreign company or individual that want to start business in Africa. All my effort be for the glory of God."

Bode Bastu Bakary

Bode Bastu Bakary

Country Manager

"I have worked in many companies but since I joined AFRICAN AGENCY I have the privilege to manage great tasks and am please doing so as the country manager."

Antoine Hounkonnou

Antoine Hounkonnou

Finance Manager

"I am very glad to be part of AFRICAN AGENCY because the company as taking me beyond my expectations Glory be to God."

Adegbemisola Adewale

Adegbemisola Adewale

Nigeria Manager

"Being part of the AFRICAN AGENCY is a big opportunities, today we are working on big project in Lagos Nigeria. Praise God, more blessing to AFRICAN AGENCY."

What Our Clients Say

Not so far against the grain, however, that we’re above quoting pleasing things our clients say about us. Thanks, clients, we appreciate your appreciation.
Lal Behari

Lal Behari

Pakistan Exporter

"Africa is a good place for rice business, AFRICAN AGENCY as help me to setup my company in Benin Republic, Now I import my rice to Cotonou port thanks to AFRICAN AGENCY."

Sheyi Ademola

Sheyi Ademola

Nigeria Exporter

"I am an exporter from Nigeria, AFRICAN AGENCY as helped my company for foreign buyers of my various products this is a company you can trust if you need real buyers of your products."

Monali Dighe

Monali Dighe

India Exporter

"I have been dreaming to register my company in Africa, when I discover AFRICAN AGENCY my company was registered in three working days. I do use AFRICAN AGENCY to verify African companies or contract to avoid scammers, this is a real company to work with."

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